A Letter to Environmental Organizations

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Dear Friends,

On the occasion of Earth Day we decided to contact you in order to jointly send an appeal to Croatia's citizens for their change of diet that would result in a decrease of global warming, that is, decrease of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, deforestation of the rainforests, usage of pesticides, air, water and land pollution, and generally cutting down of enormous consumption of natural resources. It is necessary to educate people about the direct relation between meat consumption on one side, and global warming and environmental destruction on the other.

We are warming up our planet at disturbing levels with possibly catastrophic consequences. The year 2005 was the warmest year ever measured. Just imagine an overheated car or overcooked lunch. Now imagine the same in the planetary sense. In the film and book by Al Gore An Inconvenient Truth the anticipations of estimated scientists regarding melting of polar ice caps, rising of the sea level, floods, draughts and ever stronger storms and hurricanes are clearly presented.

In November 2006, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) published a report stating that the cattle breeding industry generates more greenhouse gases - 18 percent - than all the cars and trucks together. Only one calorie of animal protein demands over ten times higher amount of fossil fuel - what means ten times higher carbon dioxide emission - than one calorie of plant protein. Billions of animals cramped in factory farms produce enormous amounts of methane every year. Rainforests are rapidly destroyed and transferred into pastures and fields for grain production used to produce animal feed. Factory farming along with enormous spending of natural resources and ecological damages directly causes global warming.

Greenpeace in cooperation with other environmental organizations started off a program "Ecological Footprint" in order to show that vegetarianism is the simplest and the most effective way to decrease global warming and to protect the environment. The president of Greenpeace also became vegan.

We send you information leaflets made especially for this occasion and you can feel free to contact us if you need more leaflets for handing out. We also send a DVD with excellent film "Devour the Earth" you can project or multiply.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information or materials, and we'll be happy if you visit our web page www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr where you can find much more information about this subject.

Everyone who wants to protect nature must have information about great and direct relation between one's diet and planet destruction. As Paul McCartney have said, "Anybody who wants to save the planet must stop eating meat. It is the most important thing an individual can do."

Kind regards,

Luka Oman
Animal Friends



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