10/03/17 Veggie Picnic at Bundek Lake

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The City of Zagreb and Animal Friends invite citizens to a gathering for animals accompanied by a concert on October 7th

- Rich program and vegan food to celebrate World Animal Day

Since October is celebrated throughout the world as a month of vegetarianism, World Animal Day accordingly takes place during this green month.

The City of Zagreb has celebrated World Animal Day (October 4th) with the Veggie Picnic at Zagreb's Bundek lake for years; this year, the annual gathering will take place on October 7th from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Animal Friends is proud to celebrate this day by organizing the Veggie Picnic as part of an all-day event where numerous animal protection associations will be presented to visitors, as well as restaurants and stalls with interesting and delicious vegan food. More, tables and benches with parasols will enable visitors to watch an all-day program and concert while enjoying the amazing vegan food - everyone is guaranteed to have a great time!

As in previous years, the organizer of the event (the City of Zagreb) has assembled an attractive music program featuring Luka Nizetic, last year's ambassador of the "Chinchillas Rule" campaign and well known for his public promotion of animal protection.

Anita Euschen, the World Animal Day ambassador, says: "There are numerous ways to actively stand up for animals: by adopting abandoned animals instead of buying them, by reporting animal abuse and neglect, by signing petitions, by handing out leaflets, by volunteering in animal rights and protection organizations, by using only cruelty-free products, by wearing vegan clothing and switching to plant nutrition." She believes that the World Animal Day celebration can inspire everyone to do as much as possible for animals every day of the year.

Whether you care for an animal or not, the celebration of World Animal Day is a good opportunity to have fun and to learn more about animal protection and their rights. Animal Friends would like to invite everyone to be part of the celebration of this international holiday, so that we can jointly promote joy and compassion, as well as ethical, ecological and other benefits of a compassionate lifestyle and diet.


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