02/11/13 Cow's Milk is Hazardous to Your Health!

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During the current affair concerning poisons found in milk, Animals Friends reveals the truth about the dairy industry

- Cow's milk can contain hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, blood, pus...

The latest affair regarding Aflatoxin M1, a poison that is, even in small quantities, hazardous to human health and causes acute poisoning and cancer-related diseases, and has been found in a few kinds of milk and subsequently been withdrawn from the market over the past few days, again draws attention to milk consumption as a habit that is hazardous for health. Despite calming announcements from the Ministry of Agriculture stating that the situation is under control, one glass of milk contains milk from thousands of cows and it is impossible to know everything we drink in a single meal.

Cow's milk, by its composition, is not meant for human consumption, but for raising calves. Therefore it shouldn’t be surprising that its consumption can have negative effect on children's and adults' health. We don’t need to be great experts to realize that a man is the only animal species that drinks milk from another animal species and the only animal that drinks milk into adulthood.

In the dairy industry, cows are considered biological machines that can "produce" several dozen times more milk than their natural quantity, and consequences are illnesses in cows, as well as in people. People take milk from cows that have been deformed due to selective breeding, cross breeding and artificial insemination. Milk is also taken from sick cows, and they are fed with unnatural food full of chemicals, often supplemented with antibiotics and hormones. Most dairy products we buy contain allergens, fat, cholesterol, herbicides, pesticides, dioxin, antibiotics, blood, pus and, as a result of udder infection, bacteria and viruses as well.

Contrary to popular belief, fuelled by dairy industry's strong propaganda, animal milk and dairy products are not only unessential in children's and adults' diets, but they are also hazardous to our health. Doctors and nutritionists warn that consumption of cow's milk and dairy products is linked to a range of illnesses such as: pain, cramps, diarrhea and bloating due to lactose intolerance; increased arteriosclerosis tendency and consequently cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; allergic reaction to milk proteins and to contamination inside milk; increased risk of contracting certain kinds of cancer; infectious diseases caused by various kinds of bacteria, virus and other microbes that can contaminate milk and dairy products; "mad cow disease"; antibiotics resistance due to frequent exposure to antibiotics in cow's milk; impact of hormones, deposited pesticides and other contaminants; osteoporosis; and is also a possible link to various types of leukemia to cow's leukemia virus, etc.

In childhood there is a whole string of conditions linked to the usage of cow's milk: allergies, constipation, iron deficiency anemia, ear infection, sinus blockage and colds, asthma, early start of arteriosclerotic changes on arteries, juvenile diabetes (type 1) which means the person is insulin dependant for the rest of their life, acne, plaque, digestive problems (including irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease) leukemia, infectious diseases, obesity, etc.

Green leafy vegetables and others, tofu, seeds, nuts, figs, juices and other drinks that have calcium added are excellent vegetal sources of calcium, protecting one from osteoporosis which forms following chronic excessive intake of animal protein. Instead of eating animal milk and dairy products, Animal Friends invites all of you used to the taste of milk to try healthy and tasty vegetal drinks like soya, rice, oat, almond and other kinds of vegetal milk, as well as other vegetal products.

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