07/19/18 Respect our sea

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Campaign: Animal Friends Croatia for protection of the Adriatic Sea

- Educational signboards for children and adults on fishing on beaches

Animal Friends Croatia's Campaign "Respect Our Sea" has been launched and is being carried out in co-operation with the European animal welfare organization Eurogroup for Animals. This campaign aims to educate Croatian citizens and tourists about the respect of our sea and the life in it.

Research conducted in 2006 by a team of prominent ecologists and economists warns that fishing is about to experience a complete collapse, because life in the sea will disappear by the year 2048, unless something significatly changes in our relationship to all ocean species living in interconnected ecosystems.

The Adriatic Sea is in direct danger of extinction due to excessive catches of fish for human consumption, climate change, as well as pollution and the growing intensity of tourism. Last year's research published in Scientific Reports warns "As the increased impact of climate change and the pressure on fishing in the Mediterranean Sea is expected, there is a serious risk that this could push the system to a "point of no return". Environmental factor and fishing has had a huge impact on the Mediterranean Sea: the biggest decrease in life in it up to 50%, has been observed in the Western Mediterranean Sea as well as Adriatic!

The campaign "Respect Our Sea" was designed to educate the public about the problems that the Adriatic Sea and all other seas and the oceans of our planet face. One of the problems that needs to be addressed is fishing along the coast. This kind of fishing during the tourist season and the fish and other marine animals slowly dying in the sun on our beaches and shores make for horrible scenes. One should also bear the safety of swimmers in mind who can easily get tangled in nets or get hooked while swimming and diving. This is something that can and should change.

"Respect the Life in the Sea" are sign boards designed by Animal Friends Croatia who sent their visuals to coastal cities and municipalities in order to set them on their beaches for the purpose of warning and educating locals, domestic and foreign tourists. It is important that we are aware that we can enjoy the beaches and the sea without disturbing its marine inhabitants, and the message we should send to children is to observe animals, to take care of the cleanliness of their habitats, to help stranded sea animals by returning them to the sea instead of catching or hurting them.

In addition to being unable to fish in the Adriatic Sea without a special permit issued by the Fisheries Administration, the Ordinance on Sporting and Recreational Fishing at Sea (Article 6, paragraph 4) further allows local self-government to prohibit fishing in such locations, and Animal Friends want to encourage them to go in that direction.

Citizens can also individually contribute to the protection and respect of our seas by not taking part in recreational and sport fishing, and at least reducing consumation of fish and other maritime inhabitants, if not completely eliminate them from their diet.

The "Respect the Life in the Sea" campaign will continue during the summer in the form of other educational activities such as putting up billboards and the publication of an online "seafood" cookbook. All cities and municipalities interested in setting up educational signboards or obtaining more information can send an inquiry to Animal Friends Croatia who will provide them with the free graphic layout for printing.

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