06/20/17 On occasion of 6th VeggieFair, Igor Barberic calls for veganism

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Do not miss 6th VeggieFair and treat yourself to some vegan delicacies

20/6/17, 9-19 h, Jelacic square: unusual ice creams, plant-based dog and cat food, cosmetics

Tuesday, June 20th 2017, is a date when you should definitely take a stroll through Jelacic square in Zagreb and check out the selection of exclusively vegan products from the exhibitors of 6th VeggieFair. They are appealing to an ever larger number of citizens, no matter what their diet is, specifically because of the exclusion of ingredients of animal origin.

On the occasion of VeggieFair, director and choreographer Igor Barberic invites citizens to make positive changes: „Veganism can open up new horizons to all of us and make our diet healthier and more diverse, while helping the environment and animals. So, be curious and seize every opportunity to make your life more conscious and interesting with vegan dishes and products.“

The ideal opportunity to learn more about plant-based diet is the 6th VeggieFair. From a rich offering, you can fill your refrigerator with various plant-based spreads, salami, sausages, tofu and seitan products, and similar selections, but also try out exotic dishes on the spot, like Lebanese fried chickpeas falafel in pita bread, or Chinese vegetable wok. Those with a sweet tooth won't be left with an empty stomach either – on VeggieFair we will also have increasingly popular raw vegan cakes, and some of the Croatian V-Label holders will introduce themselves to us.

We invite all new-flavour fans to chill with dark chocolate, Slavonian hazelnut, coconut and peanut with chili, banana with rum, coconut with black tea, coffee with oatmeal, caramel with chopped almonds and cocoa ice creams, or raspberry, hibiscus, strawberry or rhubarb sorbets.

Cats and dogs won't be left without vegan food either, which will also be offered at VeggieFair, as well as completely vegan cosmetics not tested on animals. Another reason to visit the fair is the fact that no one will leave empty-handed, so we invite you all to visit the stand of Animal Friends, the organiser of VeggieFair.

The 6th VeggieFair is also an announcement of 10th anniversary ZeGeVege festival held on September 8th and 9th, 2017, which will gather more than 100 exhibitors and turn the heart of Zagreb into a beloved vegan oasis. Veganism is in several ways beneficial to animals, the environment and human health, since it implies a healthy diet and lifestyle, so more and more people choose to eliminate products of animal origin from their diet and cosmetics. The choice of a vegan lifestyle also becomes a question of general sustainability, considering how using animals for food is connected with enormous natural resources consumption, world famine and destruction of the environment.

Presenting on VeggieFair: bio&bio, Encian, Green Point (Bio Era), Annapurna, Greencajg (Zeleni zov) and Kokolach, Tvornica zdrave hrane (“Health food factory”), Vegehop, Gavita, Sirova hrana (“Raw food”), AMI food (Kresoja), Braniteljska zadruga ARKA NASA (“”) with Melli Aromatica and Qala - natural cosmetics, Ivana Rozic, Food Harmony, Vegetariana, Slatka tvornica Medenko (“Sweet factory Medenko”) i Omegol (product donation).

Igor Barberic's invite to 6. VeggieFair [ 93.54 Kb ]Igor Barberic's invite to 6. VeggieFair [ 117.60 Kb ]Igor Barberic's invite to 6. VeggieFair [ 218.73 Kb ]

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