01/16/21 After an earthquake she gives birth in the animal rescue, her baby is now a symbol of hope

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The rescue of the pregnant cow Sarava, saved from the half-destroyed stable has turned into a lovely story

- Animal rights activists are joyful: In Croatia, the first, free calf has been born!

After the earthquake devastation, there were many sorrowful stories of animal suffering. But between those stories, three pigs and one pregnant cow from the village Župić had found a new home in the safety of animal rescue Farmica which is in the small city of Našice. Luka Oman from the association Animal Friends Croatia has helped to relocate animals into their new home, along with other activists from Farmica and Pobjeda, and has pointed out that this is a symbol of hope. „We are happy that Sarava has given birth peacefully. For the first time in eight years of her life, her baby won’t be taken away to be sold and will experience joy and love in the days ahead of them. “

For the first time in Croatia, a calf has been born free to live, breathe, walk, and run. Even in the world, such an occasion is a rare and extraordinary event. „For most people, the birth of a calf doesn't mean much but, for us who love them, who do not eat them or drink milk meant for them, this is something wondrous and precious.“. Animal friends association will gladly point out that cows are pregnant for nine months and they are very attached to their babies much like humans. They are also, just like humans, mammals that can cry and shed tears which means that Sarava is the first mom who won’t cry after her baby.

Ivana Crnoja, who runs the association Pobjeda, has added: „For days we have been expecting this birth and we were so happy when we took our first glance on Sarava to see how she has been nurturing her baby with all the care and love she has. We run an animal rescue shelter for dogs and this picture of love is the same one we see when new pups are being born. As per our tradition, Sarava's baby, like any baby, has gained a godmother to protect it and a firm promise that no one will take milk meant for her just as nature has intended. Sarava's milk is for her baby alone. “

Ivana Varkonji from Farmica is delighted how Sarava is mild-tempered, loving, and trusting. She is delighted that Sarava is following her everywhere and licks her hand. „I am so happy! I was so anxious before the birth. Maybe even more than the future mother was anxious. I have slept fully clothed for three nights just in case. The Veterinarian thinks it's a baby girl but was not sure and we didn’t want to come too close to bother them yet. For us, who rescue animals, her coming to this world is a huge deal. To be born free in the safety of the shelter into a world that will be filled with love and care. She will run in our estate, will meet other animals, share cuddles with us, will feel the grass under her hooves and sun on her back.

Association Farmica has taken in Sarava, her unborn baby, and pigs Bela, Lajka, and Luna even though they already have in their care dogs, cats, pigs, goats, a donkey, hens, ducks, and other animals. Of those animals, many have disabilities and need special care. They need financial resources for building a fence around the property, new stables, and rooms for new animals, food, and medicine. Donation to their cause can be made on the following accounts: IBAN: HR5923400091110916596, SWIFT: PBZGHR2X, PayPal: farmicanasice@gmail.com

Even though it is not possible to rescue every animal in Croatia, Animal Friends Croatia points that going vegan can spare hundreds of animals every year and thousands of them during our lifetimes. So, they invite everyone who is touched by this story and are interested in learning more to check out www.veganopolis.net and join the Veggie challenge which is a part of an international Veganuary movement that attracted over 500 000 people this January. Also, anyone who wants to try out how to live a vegan lifestyle for 22 days within the positive and affirming group of like-minded people can apply to Vegan challenge 22 www.superizazov22.com.

More information on how to help build a more just society for all of its inhabitants can be found on the Facebook page Farmica.

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