05/20/21 The Abundance of Vegan Products at the 10th VeggieFair

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Animal Friends Croatia joyously and proudly announce the jubilee Veggie Fair

- A green treasury of vegan products on June 15th, from 8 AM to 8 PM on Ban Josip Jelačić Square

After a long time of absence of cheerful and positive events, the Animal Friends Croatia Association is preparing a little oasis of optimism and health in the heart of Zagreb. There is a special reason to celebrate this year, because, on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021, from 8 AM to 8 PM, the 10th, i.e. jubilee edition of the VegeFair will be held at Ban Jelačić Square. "We will joyously refresh and revitalize the center of Zagreb by offering various products of plant origin, which are intended for everyone. In addition to food products, at the 10th Veggie Fair, you will be able to buy cosmetic products that have not been tested on animals, and visitors will be able to get advice and expand their knowledge about veganism and animal rights at our educational stand", Animal Friends Croatia say and invite all citizens to visit this year’s Veggie Fair.

At the stands located in the Western and central part of Ban Jelačić Square, local producers of plant products will offer ready-made vegan products, but also delicious and healthy vegan dishes which will be prepared on the spot. This year's VegeFair will share the central town square with the Croatian Fans Embassy "We Croats", which will broadcast the matches of the European Football Championship. On the day of the VegeFair, all stands will offer exclusively vegan food, i.e dishes prepared without eggs, meat, milk, honey and products from these animal-derived foods.

The 10th VegeFair is also the announcement of the 13th ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living, which will take place in early September on Zagreb's main square. "VegeFair is not an ordinary fair, but its role is much bigger and more important. VegeFair is, above all, of an educational nature, so we can learn how to better treat ourselves, the animals, the planet and other people, and along the way, we can have fun tasting food or using promotional offers. That is why we invite everyone to come and get infected with positive energy, laughter and cheerfulness on Tuesday, June 15th, at Ban Jelačić Square", says Animal Friends Croatia.

They also state that, as organizers of the VegeFair, they will take care of the safety of all visitors in accordance with the prescribed provisions with sufficiently distant stands that will exude and entice with delicious plant products and dishes, among which everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of their dietary habits, their interest for environment protection, animal rights and their own health.

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