06/23/23 Plant Based Milk Production is the Only Royal Treatment of Cows

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Animal Friends Croatia explains the advantages of plant-based milk products in a short video

- With plant-based milk towards better health, a cleaner environment and happy cows

With their campaign „Looking for a Queen” Animal Friends Croatia try to educate consumers about the dairy industry’s brutal truth. As they state, it is undeniable that every dairy farm takes away children from the cows so they could take their milk, and along the way, the cows and the calves suffer immensely. „Cows are killed after they served their ‘productive life’ of approximately four and a half years, as well as male calves who cannot produce milk. Therefore, to present cows to be happy or to call them queens (royals) is misleading advertisement and smearing of the consumers’ view and plant-based milk production is the only royal treatment of cows” Animal Friends Croatia points out.

As part of the campaign, they conducted independent research examining the awareness of the cow milk production processes. According to the study, even 85,1 % of research subjects consider misleading that dairy products are advertised by showing happy cows or cows living like royalty, even though that is now how they live in reality! The research also came up with devastating results that proved how little citizens know about routine dairy industry procedures: as many as 68,4 % of Croatian citizens do not know that cows on dairy farms produce milk because they gave birth and 73,4 % of citizens do not know that the usual practice in dairy production is to take away the calf from the mother immediately after birth!

Animal Friends Croatia explain that the research result as per which 92,1 % of examinees also do not support the practice of separating calves from mothers on the same day they are born, is yet one more proof that the public would choose plant-based milk if they were aware of the dairy industry usual practice and that cows on the farm are not treated as queens, regardless of writing on the packaging and false images of happy little cows.

That is why they, as part of the campaign, protested in front of the farm in Baranja and conducted two public actions with the goal of educating the citizens who deserve to know the truth about the products they purchase. Passers-by at Zagreb Ban Jelačić Square were surprised with a truck with large visuals outside and a video shown inside a truck. By action on Zagreb Zrinjevac, citizens could walk into the dairy industry farm and the slaughterhouse through a virtual walk. They placed posters that motivate through an emotional and encouraging message to replace cow milk with plant-based one. Furthermore, they also sent to all Croatian dairies a proposal to include plant-based milk production and plant-based dairy products in their business plans. With the newest video, they summarize the advantages of plant-based milk for the health of individuals as well as the environment: „Use of plant-based products is one of the most important steps one can take in order to reduce their ecological footprint and to prevent the cruelty towards the cows and the calves”, Animal Friends Croatia state by pointing out the fact that plant-based food is a natural and a safe source of calcium and other required nutrients. They add that the people who have taken out milk and dairy products from their diet have more energy, better digestion, reduced bloating, cleaner skin and reduced asthma and sinus infection symptoms. Aside from that, plant-based milk production also means less greenhouse gas emissions, reduced water usage and reduced pollution of the water and the soil as compared to the production of cow milk. That is why they invite all to research the increasing plant-based milk offers and other plant-based dairy products such as cheeses, creams and yogurts.

At www.trazisekraljica.net more information can be obtained on dairy industry cruelty as well as access to a free-of-charge brochure „Plant-based milk conquering the World”.

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