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Animal Friends Croatia celebrates Earth Day by launching a new project

- A presentation on Zagreb's Trg bana Jelacica and new website: green diet to save the planet

On Earth Day, April 22, 2015, Animal Friends Croatia will launch a new project named Veganopolis. We invited citizens to join us from 11 AM on Trg bana Jelacica in Zagreb, where information booths, mobile kitchen and an interesting guide into the world of sustainable diet will be set up for the occasion.

It is imperative that we stop the destruction of the only planet we have, and changing your diet is the most efficient solution for environmental protection. Through the Veganopolis Project we want to demonstrate how changing our habits contributes to the reduction of global warming, rainforest destruction, pesticide use, air, water and soil pollution and exploitation of natural resources, thus alleviating world hunger and malnutrition.

The Veganopolis Project in one place unites resources which may be helpful to those looking to help preserve the planet by changing the way they eat. The project website www.veganopolis.net provides information on a healthy plant-based diet through five main resources:

The website www.veganopolis.net also offers a list of veg(etari)an restaurants and cafes in Croatia and a blog.

"Spend the Earth Day strolling through Veganopolis, a unique city of sustainable eating. Try a freshly grilled patty, sit and have a cozy chat with your vegan friend, learn from experts which foods contain vitamins or protein, accept the 30 day Veggie Challenge and browse the Veggie Guide. Let your gift to the Earth be the decision to contribute to her preservation through your diet," appealed Vanda Petanjek, the leader of the Veganopolis Project.

Animal Friends Croatia invites you to celebrate Earth Day and save all denizens of our common home. Beside the direct presentations and cooking, citizens will be able to receive an informative brochure about Veganopolis and tasty plant-based recipes, because the solution is simple and easily attainable.

The event is an incentive to visit the new website at www.veganopolis.net, which in an interesting way presents options which can improve not only our health, but the health of the Planet.

Animal Friends Croatia wish to thank the bio&bio eco-products stores for donating products for presentation of Veganopolis and Zale Design Studio for visual design.

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