Wool is Cold

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Most people have no idea that sheep raised for wool are often mutilated and castrated without painkillers, then disposed of by being shipped thousands of miles on open-deck, multitiered ships through all weather extremes, and eventually slaughtered while fully conscious.

Much of the world's wool - from clothing to carpets - comes from sheep raised in Australia or New Zealand, where farmers restrain sheep using metal bars and, without any pain relief, slice away large chunks of flesh from the animals' backsides. Sheep are gentle individuals who, like all other animals, feel pain, fear, and loneliness. But because of the market for their fleece and skins, they are treated as nothing more than wool-producing machines.

Still fancy wool?! Still feel warm and cozy in it?

There are plenty of durable, stylish, and warm fabrics available that aren't made from animal skins.

Please join the millions of people who know that compassion is the fashion. Save a sheep - don't buy wool.

Source: A.R.M.O.R.Y. - Lambs [ 58.49 Kb ]


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