04/19/07 Companion Animal Tax

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Animal Friends reacts to a proposal for introduction of dog tax

When discussing companion animal tax, it is important to keep its purpose in mind. If tax is aimed at the reduction of the number of homeless animals, and if the money from taxes would be invested in the free neuter programs and re-homing, that tax is worth considering.

Additionally, such taxes have to act as a stimulation, which means that the people who adopt an animal from the shelter or via an animal protection organization will be exempt from paying taxes. If we look at it in this way, a companion animal tax would encourage citizens to adopt animals, while the tax money could be used to address the problem of homeless animals, as well as to raise citizens' awareness of the treatment and protection of animals.

Only the arguments mentioned above would make the proposal valid and in accordance with the Animal Protection Act that obligates the local community to design and implement policies for the protection of homeless animals.

People who encourage the sale of animals, and profit from the breeding and sale of exotic animals and companion animals, will be liable for such tax, in order to decrease the sale of animals and encourage re-homing, as well as to relieve the community of irresponsible and negligent pet owners. Punishments for animal abuse and abandonment would provide additional resources for such goals.

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