11/18/06 Against Violence in the Name of Animals

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Appeal of Animal Friends

Animal Friends organization calls all animal rights and animal protection organizations of Croatia to reject any relation with violent actions and to cooperate with the police in order to prevent making of false connections between destruction of property of Art Gallery "Klovicevi dvori" and animal rights and protection activism in Croatia.

Animal Friends will, as always before, oppose anyone who promotes violence of any form and will continue its dedicated fight for the animals.

Destruction of property of the Art Gallery "Klovicevi dvori" should be strictly condemned. Furthermore, we condemn the perpetrators of this deed for deliberate relating of this case with animal rights movement and misuse of the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) symbols.

We believe that committing arson on the Gallery's van is an act of simple vandalism and should be treated as such. The published threatening messages should be interpreted as anonymous caper of the ones who try to present their own personal vandalism as something more than that.

Animal Friends continues to deal with real problems and subjects which really are about animal rights and protection, such as revoking of the license for shooting of a bear near Grobnik, mass slaughter of pigs because of pig plague, the Zagreb zoo, the Final Proposal for the new Animal Protection Act and other current issues and continues with education of the Croatian public.



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