11/16/06 Nonviolent for the Animals

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Statement of Animal Friends

Animal Friends not only renounce violent actions, such as the case of the destruction of the property of the Art Gallery "Klovicevi dvori," and strongly condemns this criminal act, but is also closely cooperating with the police in order to arrest the perpetrator.

Animal Friends organization in its fight for animal rights and animal protection has used and will use only nonviolent and educational actions. After five years of existence, hard work and successful cooperation with the media and authorities, Animal Friends' activists notice a great improvement in the state of awareness of animal rights and protection in Croatia.

Raising of global and individual awareness, which came as a result of many lectures held in primary schools and high schools, video projections, book and movie promotions, intensive education through street performances, public gatherings, info stalls and leafleting, the issue of animal rights and animal protection became ever more popular in Croatian public and media which directly encouraged the introduction of more strict legal acts and bans.

Nowadays, when the whole world is frightened and threatened by terrorism, every act or allusion to violence and militarism is simply unacceptable. Therefore Animal Friends strongly object to and condemns such activities because they have absolutely nothing to do with the animal rights and animal protection movement of Croatia.

The work of Animal Friends has so far demonstrated its serious, strict and nonviolent operations. Its close cooperation with local and state institutions clearly shows its future plans. Any malevolent insinuation regarding destruction of the property of Art Gallery "Klovicevi dvori" discredits the reputation of our organization, our ways of functioning and our goals.

Animal Friends will continue with clear and strict actions, sharp statements and firm stances on animal rights issues, but will also respect the boundaries of how far can it go in achieving its goals. Violent actions are simply repulsive and diminish the messages of nonviolence, ethics and compassion which animal rights activists of Croatia and the rest of the world promote. The message of this statement which Animal Friends tries to send to Croatian public is: yes to activism, no to militarism and violence!



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