04/17/08 In Spite of the Law the Slaughter is Announced

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Animal Friends reacts about the announced slaughter at "The Farm" and warn about violations of the Animal Protection Act

The Animal Protection Act, Article 4, paragraph 11 does not permit the use of animals for television broadcast with the intention of causing pain, suffering, injuries or fear.

There are animals used for the purpose of recording "The Farm" entertainment broadcast of Nova TV. As announced, those animals will be slaughtered as part of this broadcast and so they will be exposed to pain, suffering, injuries and fear, which is contrary to the Animal Protection Act.

There is no doubt that animals were brought to "The Farm" and will be used for the purpose of recording the broadcast. The fact that those animals are normally used for food and would be eaten in this broadcast in no case exclude protection of those animals according to the above mentioned Article of the Act.

Every animal brought to "The Farm," no matter the reason, is used for the purpose of production and recording broadcast, therefore is under protection of the Animal Protection Act which forbids killing animals for TV recording purpose.

Animal Friends demands that Nova TV abstains from slaughter of animals on "The Farm" without bending the law. Acting like this Nova TV would demonstrate fair and ethical business and wouldn't tarnish its reputation for spilling blood in "The Farm" reality show, which is highly popular anyway.

Animal Friends opposes the killing of animals for food and promotes a meat-free diet, but equally opposes the slaughter of animals as a part of reality show and believes that regardless of legislative regulation, slaughter under the patronage of a broadcasting company should not be tolerated in Croatia.

Video footage from the Slovenian version of "The Farm" can be seen at www.index.hr/vijesti/clanak/video-kultura-klanja-na-balkanu/373979.aspx

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