06/09/06 A Dog is Not a Toy!

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Animal Friends' reaction in the case of the child's death due to dog bite

Animal Friends responses to the tragic event that took place on June 9, 2006 in the place Blaskovec near Donja Zelina.

Inside a family yard, a 23 month old baby was attacked and mauled by a family dog, a cross between a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd, causing death to the child.

In order to prevent this from happening again in the future, we are asking everyone to watch their children around their companion animals and teach them not to treat animals as toys, but as living creatures with needs.

We are asking all parents to safeguard their companion animals in order to safeguard their children. Animals are not toys! Any person with companion animals or people with the intention of getting an animal should always keep this in mind.

Often cats and dogs are left alone with cruel and abusive children, and because these parents' negligence, children torment the animals by pulling their tails, ears, genitals, as well as other parts of their bodies, ignoring the animals' pain and suffering. Ignoring the animal's need to socialize, as well as neglecting and keeping the animal chained up, will make a dog aggressive also. Such cases should be prosecuted, because when larger dogs are mistreated, people get injured.

We personally believe that all mistreatment of animals should be punishable by law, because better protection of animals equals better protection of people.

Aggressive and abandoned animals are the result of people's negligence and their misunderstanding of animals' rights and needs. Having a dog comes with great responsibility, starting from your decision to get a dog to the fulfillment of this animal's needs for 15 years or so.

We are once again stressing that animals are not toys and that the care of an animal should be taken very seriously in order to protect both animals and people, and avoid tragedies.

In the above case, neither child nor the dog is to blame. Animal Friends would like to use this chance to express our sympathy to the child's family in this tragic incident.

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