06/27/09 Dalibor Petko Invites You to Adopt an Abandoned Animal

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Radio and TV moderator Dalibor Petko adopts a dog from the animal shelter

- An elderly dog from the Shelter for abandoned animals in Dumovec was adopted

By saving a dog called Maks, Dalibor Petko has not only committed an act of mercy, but also warned about the urgent situation regarding the adoption of animals in Croatia. Even though many people show interest in having a companion animal, they mostly opt for buying one instead of adopting an abandoned dog or cat.

Unfortunately, owing to the generally low level of conscientiousness among the Croatian citizens in this respect, most dogs that are now in a shelter once had their guardians, who were taking care of them. Thus, they are used to constant human presence and if adopted, tend to show gratitude and remain loyal to their benefactors for the rest of their lives. This is the sort of permanent bond that Dalibor Petko is about to experience.

Petko's appeal to the public in favor of adopting dogs and his intentional choice of an elderly dog, who had been awaiting adoption for quite a while, is a praiseworthy act and a clear statement. When adopting Maks, Dalibor said: "After our family dog died, we were hesitant to take another. But when we read the appeal for adoption in a newspaper, I realized that the time had come to offer a home to yet another abandoned living being."

All over Croatia, thousands of abandoned dogs still await individuals or families that will give them a new home. Animal Friends invites everyone to join Dalibor. Do not buy an animal – if you have the right conditions for keeping an animal, adopt an abandoned dog or cat, by doing that, you will save another life.

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