01/11/06 Sex as Violence Toward Animals

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Animal Friends' reaction on sexual abuse of animals

Agitated by an article in the newspaper 24 sata from January 10, 2006 that tells about a home-porn-video in which a female underage person from Pula copulated with a dog, we want to draw attention to the fact that recently more and more cases of sexual abuse of animals are uncovered. It is shameful that such exposed cases of porno-movies that circulate the Internet are presented without questioning the forcing of animals to unnatural behavior.

In bestiality practices the animal is an object of sadistic abuse by mentally disturbed individuals, that do not have any healthy picture of their own sexuality. Such practices must be publicly condemned; the use of animals in pornography must be prohibited, as well as sexual abuse of the same. Any sexual act has to include approval of the person that takes part in it. An animal in this case becomes an object of man's manipulation, as it is in the case of using animals for experiments, food, fur and other clothing and various forms of entertainment and exhibitions.

We consider that sexual abuse of animals has to be most strongly sanctioned as a criminal act, and participants, producers and distributors of such pornographic materials have to be imprisoned, considering that there is a small step from sexual abuse of animals to sexual abuse of children. In both cases things are about raping helpless victims, who are not able to give approval, defend themselves or denounce their abuser.



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