12/28/07 Animals Do Not Like Fire-Crackers Either

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Animal Friends appeals for animals safety from New Year's Eve celebration firing

Thinking about animals who are freezing in front of the Zagreb cathedral and listening to the bangs of fire-crackers on Christmas, Animal Friends appeals to all citizens of the Republic of Croatia to give up fire-crackers and shooting, having in mind what effect it has on the psyche and sensitive hearing of animals.

During New Year's Eve, when people express their happiness by setting noisy fire-crackers and other explosive devices, animals go through terrible fear and trauma, while those that in close vicinity of explosions can even get hurt.

We advise citizens to protect their animals to a maximum degree from all sounds coming from explosive devices that frighten animals. Domestic animals are not to be let outdoors during the firing, as the high sound intensity can damage their hearing, which is considerably more sensitive than human hearing. In addition, there is also the danger of being directly injured by fire-crackers. If a dog or a cat lives outside, the best thing, during the firing, would be to take them inside, turn on the lights, and play music to disguise the sounds of explosions.

We urge citizens not to throw fire-crackers near barns and to think about wild animals and city birds. Use fire-crackers at minimum; use them wisely or even better: don't use them at all. That way you will ensure more safety and peace of both humans and animals.

On this occasion Animal Friends wishes all citizens the best in the following year hoping it will be filled with compassion for all living creatures. We also hope that the year 2008 will be marked by much less animal abuse and abandonment as well as more people choosing to lead a more ethical life.



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