11/16/11 Killing of Abanoned Animals in Croatia

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Animal Friends is warning about the ruthless killing of abandoned animals in Croatia

- Extremely bad situation with regard to the care of abandoned animals in Croatia

Animal Friends wants to emphasize that the situation in Croatia regarding the care and welfare of abandoned animals is disturbing and alarming, because the animals are systematically abused, neglected and killed, and shelters in many areas no longer exist.

This statement by Animal Friends can be supported by a number of applications sent to the competent institutions, but that terrible fact can be verified by anyone who asks local communities, counties, cities and municipalities on how animals are cared for, how many abandoned animals were directly or indirectly killed in this year alone, and how much taxpayers' money was spent for this shameful act.

The non-killing policy is publicly expressed only in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, others or publicly express their negligence and lack of shelters, information centres, and adoption programs, not even hiding the number of killed animals, or try to cover up the ruthless killing under the auspices of the alleged minimum requirements prescribed by the Animal Protection Act.

The city of Zagreb is the only one that has a shelter in its possession run by the non-killing policy and implements programs of castration, education, socialization, adoption and foster care control. The animal shelter strives to provide the best possible care till the adoption, and although some things can be done and performed better, this shelter can be cited as a good example.

The Croatian associations for protection of Animals and conscientious individuals are trying to reduce the ubiquitous problem of abandonment of animals and their care and adoption with their last strength, while most of the local communities don’t appreciate their efforts and don’t carry out their legal and moral obligations.

Animal Friends is strongly against killing of abandoned animals, and advocates the introduction of higher penalties for abandoning animals and their implementation, building shelters, programs, microchipping, castration, education, socialization, adoption and implementation of benefits for foster parents of animals, all with the aim of achieving a conscientious relation of society and individuals towards the animals.

Animal Friends wants to publicly express the overall situation and to name and sanction those responsible for non-implementation of the Animal Protection Act and the neglect and killing of abandoned animals in Croatia. When Animal Friends comes to authenticated information about the irregularities of one of the shelters and the killing of animals, it will certainly, in the interest of animals and the credible informing of public, publish and reach out to all possible legal and other measures with the aim of protecting animals.

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