08/01/07 Starved Horses Still Waiting for the Politicians' Mercy

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Animal Friends has sent an open letter to the President of Serbia, Boris Tadic

Animal Friends has appealed to President Tadic to intervene urgently on behalf of the Lipizzaner horses that are starving on a ranch in Novo Naselje, a district of Novi Sad.

In this way, Animal Friends has joined the appeal of Serbian group Freedom for Animals, who is trying to save 80 starved Lipizzaner horses and move them to a shelter. Unfortunately, the suffering and exploitation of animals do not know borders imposed by man.

In their letter, Animal Friends has demanded that, for the sake of the animals' welfare, the starvation of horses should be ended immediately, while the horses should be allowed to move to Croatia, where they will be offered permanent and appropriate care.

The appeal has also been sent to the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management, with a request that additional effort should be made in order to solve this case in a satisfactory manner and prevent the death of the horses.

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