09/12/05 Report to the Veterinary Inspection - Project Stado

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Avenija Dubrovnik 12
10000 Zagreb

September 12, 2005

Dear Sirs,

After reports from citizens and our own inspection we want to inform you about the inadequate keeping and treatment of animals for "artistic" purpose in the reality show "Stado" which is taking place in the old factory Badel – entry from Subiceva 55, part of the "Touch Me" festival that is being held as an event of "cultural manifestation" Operation: City from September 8-17, 2005.

A flock of seven (7) sheep is kept in inadequate and humiliating conditions in the ruined building of the old factory Badel. The soil where the sheep stay on is covered with pieces of plaster and stones from the walls and a surprisingly small amount of straw. The sheep are exposed to the noise of loudspeakers, from which the verses of poems read by "artists" echo. This is violation of Article 23 of Animal Welfare Act.

Watchers of the reality show "Stado" can vote for the sheep who is going to fall out from the show, this sheep will be proclaimed a "prize" sheep and if her winner doesn't want her, the sheep will be slaughtered. The sheep who remains last has allegedly guaranteed natural death.

We consider it unacceptable to use and kill animals for promoting purpose of "art," what is violation of Article 5 of Animal Welfare Act.

Also, at least two sheep have some infectious lame in an advanced stage of development, so we request that you investigate how the ill animals were transported from Sinj to Zagreb. (Regulations about Conditions and Ways to Transport Animals: Article 4, Veterinary Law: Article 56.)

According to this situation we request that you urgently investigate the whole case and undertake appropriate measures to help these animals and sanction such treatment of animals. The exhibition will be open until September 17, so we request that you react as soon as possible to stop further torturing and possible killing of the sheep.

We thank you in advance and would request you to send us your written information about this veterinary inspection report.

Yours sincerely,

Luka Oman
Animal Friends


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