09/25/12 A Tombola in Sesvete

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Veterinary inspection
Trg kralja Tomislava 34
10410 Velika Gorica

September 25, 2012

Subject: Report against Zvjezdan Kovac Animal Protection Act violations

Dear Sir or Madam:

Through inquiries and e-mails from citizens, we have been informed that animals were given away as prizes at Sesvete fair.

Namely, on September 23, 2012 one of the fair organized a tombola at his stall and gave away a puppy as a first prize. Other dogs and hamsters were also given as prizes. This individual was Zvjezdan Kovac (Family business Kovac), Cret Posavski 7, 10411 Orle.

With such act Zvjezdan Kovac directly violates the Animal Protection Act (Article 4, paragraph 2, item 6), which strictly forbids giving away animals as prizes in lotteries.

We ask for your prompt reaction and punishment of this offender so that similar offenses can be prevented in the future.

Also, please let us know about any measures you have taken to inform concerned citizens and the media about this incicent.

Best regards,
Lidija Eterovic


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