04/24/06 Report of the Cabana Pub in Velika Gorica

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Law and Inspection Department for Nature Protection
Savska cesta 41/XX
10000 Zagreb

April 24, 2006

Dear Sir or Madam,

Subject: Two caymans kept in the Cabana pub in Velika Gorica

According to the information received from the citizens and to our insight, we are addressing you with request to perform an inspection of the conditions of keeping of two caymans in the Cabana pub in Velika Gorica, as in our opinion it is an absolutely improper way of keeping animals.

We think that the Cabana pub, Zagrebacka 37/1, 10410 Velika Gorica (owned by Robert Bergman and Roman Bergman) is not an appropriate place for keeping two caymans, according to the Rule book of keeping, way of marking and the register of animals in captivity (NN 146/05).

The animals live in an aquarium which has no earthy surface so they are forced to be always under water. Given that the aquarium is situated in a pub, especially during the evening when there are music and dancing events, the caymans are exposed to loud noise and cigarette smoke every day.

We consider this kind of animal keeping inappropriate, especially because it is a matter of endangered species of foreign wild animals, and often the owners are not sufficiently educated about their specific needs, and in this case the reason of their keeping is motivated by attracting clients. Therefore we assert that the taking care of them is submitted by the wish of increasing pub's income. We are deeply concerned about the health and the life of these animals due to the inappropriate keeping, a surrounding which is not natural, stress due to noise and smoke and lack of veterinary supervision. In our opinion it should be forbidden to keep animals in a pub. We consider it absolutely unacceptable keeping animals in catering establishments, stores and other public places.

We, therefore, kindly ask you to establish whether this kind of keeping of animals meets their physiological, ethological and other biological needs, according to the Rule book of keeping, way of marking and the register of animals in captivity, and to undertake adequate measures according to this.

Thank you in advance for informing us about the protocol upon the inspection supervision!

With kind regards,

Luka Oman
President of Animal Friends

Caymans in Cabana pub 1 [ 32.38 Kb ]Caymans in Cabana pub 2 [ 32.68 Kb ]



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