12/24/04 Report to the Veterinary Inspection - Zagreb International Fair

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Mr. Zeljko Devcic
Avenija Dubrovnik 12
10000 Zagreb

December 24, 2004


Dear Mr. Devicic,

On the December 23, 2004 we have visited the Zagreb International Fair to see if alleged reports about unsuitable animal keeping and treating were true.

In pavilion 10, within the amusement park, in one of the booths were buckets the size of cups, placed in a circle, with gold fish inside. Visitors can throw balls inside this cups and if they do so – they win a prize. Visitors have to pay for the balls, and fish usually die from trauma. They are replaced with the new ones immediately. Before they are replaced, this fish have to live in plastic freezer bags that are hanging over the booth. They are also a price, which is additionaly cruel because winners of the game do not necessary have an aquarium or any other necessary conditions at home, therefore these fishes die quickly. There is a reasonable doubt that their water is not being replaced with fresh water and that nobody takes care of their wellbeing, health and life.

In pavilion 11, there is an exhibitor, with no sign on his identity, that charges for taking photographs with animals. A pony, lamb, young goat and a pig are being held on a small ground, on a haystack. These animals are being exposed to constant loud noise from nearby speakers, with no visible food or water dishes. This is what they have to endure day in day out, until the end of the Christmas fair. Although these are small and young animals that should be with their mothers for feeding and proper development, they are just lying there apathetically, showing obvious signs of stress and are not responding to touches and fondling of those that are taking pictures with them.

We are also attaching video images of these animals to this report. We consider it inappropriate to use animals for commercial purpose, forcing them to behave unnaturally and keeping them in dissatisfying and humiliating conditions. In the current Animal Welfare Act, Article 5 and Article 23, is planned to add sanction of this type of behavior.

We ask you to act promptly and to undertake all necessary actions to help these animals and to sanction this type of practice.

Also, we would also request you to look after the conditions of the animals kept in Ekoselo Zumberak (Univerzijada Island), near the main building of the sport center Jarun where animals (sheep, lambs, goats, peacocks, ponies and donkeys) will be stationed until January 9, 2005, as "live Christmas crib."

We thank you in advance and we would request you to send us your written veterinary report.

Sincerely yours,

Luka Oman
Animal Friends



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