10/05/09 Report Because of the Neglect of Implementation of the Animal Protection Act

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Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Rural Development
Ulica Grada Vukovara 78
10000 Zagreb

October 5, 2009

Subject: Report because of the neglect of implementation of the Animal Protection Act in regard to a circus with wild animals in Croatia

Dear Sir or Madam,

After a great number of surprised citizes individuals about the Circus Safari being in Zagreb and despite of very strict, clear and publicly known regulation in the Animal Protection Act which completely bans circuses with wild animals, we are sending you a report and demand for urgent intervention.

Article 53, paragraph 1 of Animal Protection Act says: "It is prohibited to keep wild animals in circuses and use them in circus performances and other performances involving animals."

In order to fully prevent manipulations with the Act, in Article 3, paragraph 26 circuses are excluded from natural and legal persons who are permitted to exhibit animals.

The Animal Protection Act should fully protect wild animals from exploitation in circuses, not only from performances but also from heavy travelling and hard life in circuses as well. According to the Animal Protection Act circuses with wild animals are not allowed to even step onto the territory of Republic of Croatia.

Having this in mind, the entry of Circus Safari into the territory of Croatia is illegal and one message is sent to the public, which is that authorities who should implement the Animal Protection Act do not care about its implementation.

The same ban for circuses with wild animals from this year is also enforced in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so authorities of this country consequently reject every request for circuses with animals to acces their territory.

It is a shame that the Croatian Animal Protection Act, adopted nearly three years ago, is not yet implemented properly as it shoud be. Therefore, Animal Friends demands an urgent reform of the veterinary inspection who should be familiar with the law, should be more specialized, numerous, efficient and more willing to sanction animal abusers, irresponsible caretakers and all those who don't respect the law in any manner.

In regard to all mentioned above, we demand an urgent investigation and start proceedings against those responsible for not being familiar and for neglecting the Animal Protection Act. We also demand withdrawal of admission for Circus Safari to perform on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, which will show that the Animal Protection Act can and must be implemented in Croatia and that authorities can take the animal's side and of their citizens instead of abusers and profiteers.

We kindly request you to inform us about the steps being taken.

Yours sincerely,

Luka Oman

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