10/14/11 Inspection of Riders' Club "Equus Caballus"

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Veterinary Office Varazdin
Varazdin Branch
Kratka 1
42000 Varazdin

October 14, 2011

Subject: Inspection of Riders' Club "Equus Caballus"

Dear Sirs,

According to the information gathered from a number of citizens who telephoned us today, Dubravka Margeta Ostojic, the owner of Riders' Club "Equus Caballus," located in Varazdin, in the area called Mali Prelogi along River Drava, will be absent from next week onwards because of serving a prison sentence.

Since we are unable to verify this information ourselves, and considering the fact that this Riders’ Club has been accused many times of neglecting and torturing animals, as well as of keeping the horses in exceptionally bad circumstances, even in the presence of the owner herself, we are asking for an urgent inspection of Riders’ Club 'Equus Caballus', as well as urgent intervention on behalf of the animals.

We are asking for the inspection primarily in order to secure timely prevention of disastrous consequences for a large number of animals left without supervision, food, water, and adequate care, as well as to determine the true situation and conditions in which the animals are currently living, especially whether they are adequately protected and cared for, and how, more precisely:

In order to make sure that the animals will be protected in a timely and direct manner, we are asking you to inform us in written form about the measures and activities you have undertaken, as well as the achieved results.

Best regards,

Martina Jurisa, criminologist

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