03/02/15 Reporting Hunting Club Sljuka from Pleternica

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District Attorney Office in Pozega
c/o Ms. Mira Baricevic, municipal state attorney
Sv. Florian 2
34000 Pozega

March 2, 2015

Subject: The illegal hunting and torture of animals by the Hunting Club "Sljuka" of Pleternica

Dear Mrs. Baricevic,

Following published media reports, we write to inform you that members of the Hunting Club "Sljuka" of Pleternica caused and performed the illegal torture of animals in full violation of the applicable laws.

According to these reports one of the 15 members of the "Sljuka" Hunting Club of Pleternica informed journalists with details of the hunt in which he participated with other members of the Hunting Club in early February 2015. According to his testimony two wild boars, one bearing nine and the other bearing six piglets, were shot by hunters during the period when the hunting of wild boars is banned in the area of Bzenice, the zone between Pleternica and the Zagreb - Lipovac highway: "When they removed the piglets from the womb in order to prepare and divide the meat, they left them in the cart in front of the hunting lodge in Bzenica." This hunter further explains how shocked he was by the actions of his colleagues as, after they had shot the animals, they released the hunting dogs who then brought the wild boars and their siblings to an "end". This horrifying video footage, from a mobile phone, was published on the Facebook profile of Marko Grbesa, one of the hunters from the aforementioned hunting club. The footage records two hunting dogs attacking the wild boars for several minutes and tearing pieces of their flesh, whilst the wild boars are lying helplessly conscious, on the ground. The footage has been quickly removed from the Internet.

Based on information published in the media, that we enclose with this letter, the Hunting Club "Sljuka" is attempting to cover-up the details of this hunting practice and denies the claims that the hunt was executed as described above. However, the hunter who took part in this hunt declares that the practice of releasing dogs on wounded animals is against the law and that he possesses the video recording of the described incident.

The Criminal Code, in Article 205, anticipates imprisonment for the torture and killing of animals for which the executors have, also, in this case, violated the provisions of the Hunting Act.
We have received complaints, from many outraged citizens, requesting the sanctioning of these violators with the law which would also serve to deter hunters from committing any future cases of arbitrary, bestial, cruelty over helpless animals. We are, therefore, requesting that you take those measures, within your jurisdiction, so as to prosecute and punish the perpetrators and to kindly inform us of the measures taken for us to convey to the concerned public and the media.

With gratitude and warmest regards,

Luka Oman
President of Animal Friends

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