04/03/06 Against Selling Dogs and Cats in Pet Stores

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Animal Friends reports the pet store "Dogsy" to the veterinary inspection and demands its shutting down

On the basis of several testimonies given by citizens and a field investigation, Animal Friends has reported the pet store "Dogsy" to the veterinary inspection. The store belongs to Nina Kuljis and is located on Ulica prvog maja 30 in Rijeka. The organization has demanded an urgent intervention on the basis of justified indications that the pet store does not provide satisfactory conditions in keeping and selling dogs, thus violating the Animal Welfare Act; it also lacks the required documentation and permits.

Keeping and selling dogs and cats in pet stores is strictly forbidden by law in Austria and, according to the Draft proposal of the new Animal Protection Act, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, it will be banned in Croatia as well.

Even though the present Animal Welfare Act does not ban selling dogs in pet stores, the care that whelps and full-grown dogs need cannot be offered at a pet store, which means that keeping and selling them in such places means violating the current law.

According to the testimonies, the pet store "Dogsy" not only violates the Animal Welfare Act because of its inability to offer the care that is required, but also because it directly threatens the health and welfare of the dogs it is selling by its irresponsibility and carelessness.

We have been informed, and have also seen it with our own eyes, that the dogs are kept in a detached corner of a room with concrete floor, which is covered by newspaper clippings only, with electricity plugs and wires at their reach. They are deprived of water and when they get it, it is offered in ashtrays or empty margarine packages, which are easily knocked over. Even though the pet store sells bowls that cannot be capsized, it is obvious that the persons in charge, despite the repeated warnings, do not believe that they should offer even basic living conditions to the dogs. The store assistant has admitted that the dogs are never taken for a walk and some of them are underweight and look rather ill. Moreover, the dogs are left to themselves after the opening hours, at night, as well as throughout the weekends.

We would like to draw attention to the fact that it is the only pet store in Croatia that sells dogs, which is not only cruelty to animals and violation of the law, but also a disgrace to Rijeka and all of Croatia.

In view of all this, we demand urgent inspection and supervision, sanctions for the owner, and – which is most important – the general ban of keeping and selling dogs.



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