02/02/06 Report to the Hunting Inspection

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Management for Hunting
Department for Hunting Inspection
Mr. Ivica Francetic
Ulica grada Vukovara 78
10000 Zagreb

February 2, 2006

Dear Mr. Francetic,

Here we send you an inquiry regarding hunt, which took place on Sunday, January 22, 2006 between 8 A.M. and 12 noon near the lake Sabljaci, Ogulin.

According to the reports of citizens, that morning, persons, supposedly members of the local hunting society, were shooting birds from motor-boats (which are allegedly forbidden to drive on the lake). Ducks and other birds were escaping from lake towards the road and hiding in the back yards of the settlement by the lake. The citizens claim that hunters were that careless that bullets were flying around and even damaging houses. After that hunt dead birds, which hunters didn't pick up, remained on the lake. The citizens also stated that last winter they had informed the police of Ogulin about this problem several times, but nothing changed since then.

They particularly emphasize they feel in danger because of those hunters, as in time of hunting they didn't enter into hunting-grounds as observers, but stood on thresholds of their houses. They also expressed worry about the safety of their children, regarding the fact that they cannot leave the houses neither can they go on the balconies in order not to be hurt by shots.

We emphasize that hunting and shooting in immediate neighborhood of settlements endanger the personal security of local people, which is a serious problem that may not be underestimated.

Regarding all what was said, we request that you accomplish an inspection control at the local hunting association which, we suppose, is managing the hunting-grounds, finding out if the hunt was announced that day, is it known who was hunting, were they hunting legally, what was caught. Kindly inform us about the results of this control.

We also sent our inquiry about this case to the Police Station of Ogulin.

We thank you in advance for answering and remain sincerely yours,

Animal Friends



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