12/13/16 Motorcycle Club Mk Aqua Bikers Slaughter

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Veterinary Inspection Varazdin
Kratka 1
42000 Varazdin

December 13, 2016

Subject: Moto Club Mk Aqua Bikers Slaughter

Dear Sir/Madam,

We want to draw your attention to the pig slaughter organized by the Moto Club Mk Aqua Bikers at the premises of Varazdin's Spa Center on December 17, 2016, set to begin at 12 noon. Since it is a legal entity that organizes a public event, we demand an on-ground veterinary inspection -- it is necessary to examine the conditions in which a public slaughter will take place as well as to determine its legality. We urge you to prevent this event, as a public slaughter doesn’t represent civilized celebration.

Organizing such an event is problematic from the perspective of EU and Croatian legislation, both of which regulate slaughter in registered establishments, family farms and for their own use. The slaughter on the premises of the Moto Club does not meet any of the above criteria. If it is determined that a responsible person conducted the slaughter for his/her own needs, Moto Club will have violated the ordinance on the slaughter of animals for consumption in the household, Article 2, paragraph 3, by putting the meat of a slaughtered animal on the market for public consumption.

Following the instructions from the Ministry of Agriculture on handling pigs during slaughter for household consumption, slaughter can be conducted only by qualified personnel and it is required to spare the animal of pain, discomfort and suffering. We believe that it is impossible to provide those conditions in a public slaughter like Moto Club has announced because of the open nature of the event and the presence of large numbers of people, factors which would upset the animal. It is also forbidden to drag the animals by the tail, which the association announced it will do and justified by claiming it's "just a joke".

The safety and health of the event participants during the ongoing salmonella and trichinosis outbreak is also something to think about. Besides, it is not appropriate for a motorcycle club to organize a slaughter since it’s not even registered for such activity.

For these reasons, we ask you to stop this event and inspect the incident.

We are confident that you will, in order to protect the safety and welfare of citizens, go out and investigate the situation. We also believe that you share our point of view that the promotion of slaughter is not an acceptable form of entertainment and that you will prevent this and similar events.

Thank you in advance for your effort, and we kindly request a written report on the measures taken.

Best regards,

Luka Oman,

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