07/27/10 Criminal Charges for Animal Torture in Makarska

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The District Attorney's Office in Makarska
Petra Kresimira IV 2
21300 Makarska

June 27, 2010

Subject: Criminal charges for animal torture in Makarska

Dear Sir or Madam,

According to the numerous reports we received from shocked tourists in Makarska who in the recent days contacted us after they witnessed an absolutely inadequate and intolerable treatment of horses (ponies) and neglect of their basic needs, as well as suspicion to current committing of crime of animal torture according to paragraph 1 Article 260 of the Criminal Code of Croatia and the Criminal Act of endangering life and property by dangerous public acts or a means from paragraph 1 Article 263 of Criminal Code of Croatia, we require immediate implementation of the inspection, the initiation of criminal proceedings and the imposition of measures against the perpetrator of seizure to animals, as well as other sanctions provided for by law that the offender violates. We also require revision of a permit to carry out activities for which the offender obviously has no conditions, if it was issued in the first place.

According to the information we received, at the main beach in Makarska, in an enclosed circular area of the surface up to 10 m2, ponies are tethered to horizontal steel rods that are connected to a vertical rod in the center of the area (all of which reminds on children's carousel, only with live horses), and in such extreme inhumane conditions at high temperatures, spin in circles every day from 18 up to 24 hours, with the owner charging children for riding on ponies and not issuing a bill for that.

The above-mentioned behavior of the owner of these horses is not only unacceptable, immoral and forbidden by law, but is also a dangerous action, which endangers health and lives of children who might participate or are near the "live carousel."

Moreover, all this has taken place before the eyes of shocked tourists in a public area and, apparently, for a long time already, without the expected intervention of the authorities, state and city administration, and the Tourist Board of Makarska, where the tourists have already complained to. This report of the citizens is not a single-standing case. We have lots of complains of citizens and tourists about numerous cases of exploitation and abuse of animals, especially during the tourist season, which not only harm the animals but also Croatia's reputation among its tourists.

According to the information we are unable to verify with certainty, the owner of that grotesque and shameful "tourist offer" is a person of deviant behavior, already fined heavily for violent crime (which in fact explains his brutal attitude towards sensitive and social creatures), which is why we find it justified that the inspection should be made in the company of a police officer.

We ask you to forward to the Magistrate Court the irregularities observed during the inspection that are not related to the Criminal Code. We expect you to inform us about the measures that you have undertaken in writing.

Sincerely yours,

Martina Jurisa


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