04/21/08 Pressing Charges Against "The Farm" Show on Nova TV

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Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery, and Rural Development
Veterinary Inspection Department
c/o Andjelko Gaspar, Head of the Department
Miramarska 24
10000 ZAGREB

April 21, 2008

Subject: Pressing charges against "The Farm" show for violating Article 4, paragraph 11 of Animal Protection Act, which refers to television production

Dear Mr. Gaspar,

We demand legal action against Nova TV for violating the Animal Protection Act, which in its Article 4, paragraph 11 prohibits any use of animals in television production which exposes them to pain, suffering, injury, or fear.

For purposes of producing "The Farm" reality show on Nova TV, animals have been brought to its open-air studio, where one of them, a pig, was slaughtered on April 19, by which act it was most certainly exposed to pain, suffering, injury, and fear.

Each animal that is brought to "The Farm," regardless of the intention, is automatically protected by Animal Protection Act, since that law prohibits killing animals for the purposes of television productions. "The Farm" is not a documentary program, showing people and animals in places where slaughtering of animals usually takes place, regardless of program production; instead, both people and animals are intentionally brought into a rented space for the purpose of producing the TV-show.

Therefore, it cannot be doubted that animals are brought and used on "The Farm" for purposes of television production, and the fact that these animals are habitually bred for food and that their meat is eaten in the same show by no means deprives them of protection that is guaranteed to them by Animal Protection Act, Article 4, paragraph 11.

All intentional exposure to pain, suffering, injury, or fear in animals that are used for the purposes of TV productions, in this case for the purpose of producing "The Farm" reality show, is evidently and without exception illegal and punishable, since it violates the Animal Protection Act, promulgated by the Croatian Parliament. Therefore, we demand urgent legal action and the prohibition of all further torturing of animals, given the fact that the show is still in production and that the producers may come to the idea of slaughtering another animal.

The slaughtered pig was brought to the studio of Nova TV for purposes of television production. Thus, Nova TV is fully responsible for that brutal act, which it failed to prevent despite the official warning that the aforementioned act violates the law and that it is extremely inappropriate to slaughter animals for entertainment purposes.

We would appreciate if you informed us on the measures that you have undertaken in this respect, so that we may forward this information to the media and the public.

With best regards,

Luka Oman
President of Animal Friends

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