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Urgent Rescue of All Dogs from Žarkovica 06/30/2022

After volunteers from the unregistered shelter in Žarkovica reported the terrible condition of the dogs they were helping, the veterinary inspection came under surveillance and ruled that all 200 dogs must be relocated within 15 days, which expires this week. Animal protection associations and citizens are saddened by the information that arrives every day about the condition of dogs from Žarkovica, where there are no conditions for caring for dogs. According to the records, of the listed dogs, close to 50% of them are not neutered, and almost 40% need treatment. Only 40% of dogs are microchipped. The city of Dubrovnik has not fulfilled its legal obligations for decades, and on the other hand, dogs in Žarkovica have been inadequately cared for and have not been provided with the necessary veterinary care. Dogs are now receiving veterinary care and are being prepared for adoption. Volunteers invite everyone to visit, spread their touching stories, and invite anyone who can apply for foster care or temporary accommodation. The City of Dubrovnik has taken responsibility and care for all dogs up to adoption and will help with treatment with foster parents.

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"They are not objects, or supermarket stock, or breakfast, or a coat, or a new pair of shoes. ⁣⁠⁣⁠They are individuals.⁣⁠⁣⁠They are no different to the dog you walked past on the street who made you smile, and no different to the cat who you loved growing up.⁣⁠⁣⁠They are no different. And when it comes down to their desire to live, and their desire to be free from pain, they are no different to you or I.⁣"

- Earthling Ed


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