01/17/14 Birds Entangled at Konzum's Store

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Veterinary Department of Licko-senjska County
Gospic Branch
Ms. Ljiljana Saric
Kaniska 15
53000 Gospic

January 17, 2014

Subject: Birds entangled at Konzum's store in Senj

Dear Ms. Saric,

We have been informed by concerned citizens that animal abuse has been observed and documented at a Konzum store in Senj. We have received photographs that show nets hanging from the ceiling of the store, with birds who had somehow strayed into the store entangled in them.

Since such treatment of birds has shocked quite a number of customers, the story has become known throughout Croatia.

It is clear that there are more humane ways of solving this problem such as preventing the birds from entering the store in the first place. That is why we would like to ask you to check on the situation and order the nets to be removed, i.e. to react and solve the problem so as to save the birds from such treatment, as your food chain has always indicated animal welfare and protection to be one of its priorities.

We are looking forward to your prompt answer.

Best regards,

Anera Skuric
Animal Friends Croatia

Konzum Senj

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