08/28/12 Cat Abuse in Daruvar

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Municipal State Attorney's Ofiice in Daruvar
Radiceva 27
43500 Daruvar

August 28, 2012

Subject: Criminal charges against Ivan Kriz and Domagoj Vujkovic for animal torture

Dear Sir or Madam,

Prompted by numerous reactions from citizens from the City of Daruvar, as well as citizens from other parts of Croatia, we are submiting a report against Ivan Kriz (Petra Preradovica 38, Daruvar) for severely maltreating, torturing, and inflicting pain to an animal, resulting in her death. The aforementioned treatment is punishable under Article 260 of the Criminal Code.

According to information gleaned from the media and the video that Ivan Kriz and Domagoj Vukovic (Gajeva 23, Daruvar) published on a social network, Ivan Kriz first wrung the neck of a small black cat and threw it into a tree. The agony of the animal continued as the blood-covered cat shook on the ground. Afterwards, Ivan Kriz took it again and, with profanity, expressed regret that the cat was bleeding, before he threw it deeper into the woods. At the end of the video he says, "Rest in peace, whore."

This video of extreme cruelty started circulating on Daruvar citizens' Facebook profiles and finally got into the media, becoming accessible to a large number of people. Although most people condemn such heartless abuse of a helpless animal, we warn that for some psychologically unstable individuals, the video could be an inspiration to commit similar criminal acts of animal torture. Therefore it is necessary to convict Domagoj Vujkovic along with the abuser Ivan Kriz as he was the one who filmed the torture of the animal and publicly released the video.

We emphasize that psychologists and psychiatrists highlight the connection between abusing animals and insensitivity to other people, which could lead Ivan Kriz and Domagoj Vujkovic to commit criminal acts towards people, and so it is the responsibility of competent authorities to severely punish this criminal act in order to prevent future criminal behavior. Taking this course of action will send the message that such behavior will not be tolerated now, or in the future.

We ask you to inform us about the measures that you have undertaken, of which we will inform the media and public.


Luka Oman

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