09/01/07 Dogfights in Zagreb

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Croatian Ministry of Inner Affairs
Police Headquarters Zagreb
Department for Organized Crime
Maticina ulica 4
10000 Zagreb

Dear Sirs,

The members of Animal Friends have recently visited a property at Jazbina in Zagreb in response to the telephone calls of several citizens. The property is located near the premises of I. B. Jazbina d.o.o. company, Jazbina 151, and is visible from the main road.

We have found ten or more dogs on the property that obviously are intended and used for dogfights. They have apparently been there for longer time and there is no doubt that they are used in organized dogfights, but we also suspect that the unknown perpetrator, apart from breeding dogs for dogfights, knows where and when such dogfights are taking place, since he is probably participating in their organization. Even though the perpetrator has remained anonymous, it should be easy to identify him.

We would appreciate if you launched an investigation on this matter and informed us on its progress.


Luka Oman


Dog from dogfight 1 [ 100.95 Kb ]Dog from dogfight 2 [ 138.51 Kb ]Dog from dogfight 3 [ 163.94 Kb ]Dog from dogfight 4 [ 181.62 Kb ]Dog from dogfight 5 [ 155.26 Kb ]

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