01/21/10 Filed Charges by Nada Caleta

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Veterinary Inspection

January 21, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

We turn to you on the occasion of the recently filed charges by your colleague, senior state veterinary inspector, Nada Caleta. The proposal was submitted because of infliction of injury and pain to an animal with fatal outcome, which violated the Animal Protection Act.

Although filing charges should be part of the regular work of each veterinary inspector in Croatia, unfortunately this is not so and we use the opportunity with compliment to inspector Nada Caleta to encourage a change of this situation.

We believe that veterinary inspectors should besides legal duties, demonstrate knowledge and willingness to implement the Animal Protection Act and file charges to animal abusers, to sanction those who abandon animals or in any other way violate the Animal Protection Act.

Sanctions, in addition to direct enforcement, have great educational value, and build the reputation of the veterinary inspection, which currently, in regard to the implementation of the Animal Protection Act, rather receives great criticism from the public.

We know that the problem of animal protection is not only in the veterinary inspectors' obligation, thus we launched a petition for a reform of the veterinary inspection, nevertheless veterinary inspectors play a key role in the conscientious execution of their legal obligations and personal engagement.

Inspector Nada Caleta has proven that the veterinary inspection can do its job properly if it wants to and that for the animal abusers the law and the punishment exist and will be given to them. By filing charges a clear message was sent to the Croatian public, which is that animal abuse will not be tolerated and that the law can and must be implemented.

We hope that the act of inspector Nada Caleta encourages you to after all invigorate the Animal Protection Act in Croatia, and that the veterinary inspection shows its strength by implementing the Act in order to put an end to animal abuse and problems such as animal abandoning which also burden the human community.

The name of Nade Caleta is now listed on our website on the list of positive personalities, in addition attached we send you clips from media who have covered those news. Please keep us informed about charges filed in regard to the Animal Protection Act so that we could also compliment you in public.

With the hope of a good cooperation in the future and better implementation of the Animal Protection Act, I remain with kind regards,

Alen Crncan
Animal Friends

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