02/26/10 Infliction of Wounds and Pain on an Animal with Lethal Outcome

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Veterinary Inspection
Nova Gradiska Branch
Ilija Erzic
Trg kralja Tomislava 1
35400 Nova Gradiska

February 26, 2010

Subject: Reporting infliction of wounds and pain on an animal with lethal outcome

Dear Mr. Erzic,

Based on reports in the media and numerous messages of indignant citizens that we have received by e-mail and telephone, we are reporting animal abuse and asking that you should proceed in accordance with the Animal Protection Act.

According to the news in the media on February 23, 2010, the previous night around 11:30 P.M., a drunken 31 years old man from the mountain village of Magic Male (Nova Kapela) beat a helpless two months old puppy with fists, after which he kicked him with his feet until he died. The police filed charges for torturing and killing the dog.

The man's action against the helpless dog is an example of utter cruelty and atrocity, infliction of needless pain and suffering for no other reason but sadism, which is why the police deemed it violation of Art 260 of the Criminal Law. Therefore we demand that you should also file charges against the perpetrator, whose name you can obtain from the police, for violating the Animal Protection Act, which would make him additionally liable on charge of misdemeanor.

We would appreciate it if you informed us about the measures that you have undertaken on the basis of this report in writing so that we may forward the information to the concerned public and the media.

Best regards,

Alen Crncan
Animal Friends Croatia


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