07/03/06 Report - Wounded Horses in Bregana

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Ul. Grada Vukovara 84
10000 Zagreb

Gunduliceva 21a
10000 Zagreb

on the basis of Article 260 item1 of Penal law submits the following


Against: Dario Juric (098 415680, 049 346002), Donji Macelj 74, 49225 Donji Macelj

Cause: initiation of penal proceedings for the penal crime of ANIMAL ABUSE, as described in Article 260, item 1 of the Penal Law


After many reports of concerned citizens for several months regarding the horrifying sight of wounded horses which are forced to pull heavy loads of woods daily for the company Sumarija Samobor, Animal Friends' activists on June 26, 2006 visited the scene of a ruinous stable surrounded with heaps of feces. There were six horses in the stable with open wounds all over their tortured bodies, and the suffering they go through can be clearly seen from their dull, empty eyes. Open wounds on their skinny bodies are being reopened every day during their hard work and rubbing with sweat, filth and heavy loads they are forced to carry. Horses are covered with old, harsh blankets and working saddles which are tied up with heavy woods they have to pull every day. The fact that horses have open wounds proves that their owner Mr. Dario Juric consciously, purposely and continuously through a long period of time exposed the horses to hard work which repeatedly causes them great pain and suffering. Open wounds can't heal while being rubbed with saddles and heavy loads which will only make them worse. This shows that Mr. Dario Juric deliberately tortures animals. Horses are owned by Mr. Dario Juric who manages sole proprietorship "Promet Juric, drvo, sjeca i izvlacenje" with a legal site at Donji Macelj 74, 49225 Donji Macelj.


Except of violation of Article 260, item 1 of the Penal Law, suspect Mario Juric also violated:
- Article 5, item 1 of Animal Welfare Act according to which "The animal holder cannot force the animal to work or to labour that, on account of its age or condition, is unbearable to or exceeds the strength of the animal."


The submitter asks Municipality State Attorney to initiate URGENT penal proceeding against Mr. Dario Juric, Donji Macelj 74, 49225 Donji Macelj, and to notify the submitter in writing.


Luka Oman
President of Animal Friends

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