03/22/21 Swelling of the joints and bloody udder? Everything is according to regulations!

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Animal Friends Croatia announces the report of a horror farm in Slavonia

- Shocking facts presented to the public known to animal rights activists for decades

The public was shocked by the news that on a farm in Slavonia cows are being exploited to the extreme and until death, that some cannot stand on their feet because they have swellings on the joints the size of a ball, that some have a bleeding of an injured udder and their bloody milk and the milk of cows who are given antibiotics because of inflamed joints is not for use and that exhausted cows are driven by the excavator to the slaughterhouse. Animal Friends Croatia is announcing a report against the farm, but they say they know in advance that official supervision will determine that everything is according to regulations!

"The very worrying information provided by the former employee is part of routine practice in the treatment of animals in the dairy industry, and such a practice has been legalized. On smaller farms, the situation is somewhat better, but they also operate on the same principle. The horrors experienced by cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals on farms are equal to horror movies, but for them, it is a painful reality. All this is packaged into regulations that are properly monitored and justified by the profit and the huge demand for food of animal origin, which is why the animals have been turned into live machinery,” explains Animal Friends Croatia.

They point out that it is terrible how successfully the daily abuse of animals on farms is hidden and justified: “In the public consciousness, a successful farm is one that delivers as much milk as possible with as few resources as possible. What matters is not the amount of animal suffering, the attitude towards employees, the amount of wastewater, the wasted natural resources, and the impact on global warming, but only the profit! As a farmworker vividly describes, the exploitation of cows is maximal, and they are machines on the farm with an average lifespan of seven years, but they are most often sent for slaughter after five years and the birth of three calves.”

They point out that the normalization of the abnormal is happening in relation to animals used by humans for meat, milk, and eggs and that comparison to animal concentration camps is not exaggerated: “Animals have feelings, they are aware of all suffering and pain just like us or dogs and cats. Daily extraction of even 50 liters of milk from their bulky, purulent and bloody udders, even though the calf would suck three to five liters, has nothing to do with nature giving them milk for their children as well as us for ours. Imagine how cruel it is for their children to go to the slaughterhouse so that people could drink milk. One glass of milk contains the milk of thousands of cows, and it contains pus, blood, antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones, and only their permissible level is measured. The pain and suffering in that glass do not have a permissible level.”

Animal Friends Croatia reminds us that everything which the farm employee revealed is not an exception but the rule and an institutionalized practice that animal rights activists have been warning about for decades. The dairy industry is based on great cruelty towards cows and calves, and consumers support all this not only with the money with which they purchase dairy products but also with unbelievable subsidies in order to sustain this extremely environmentally wasteful and unsustainable industry for both animals and humans.

"As consumers, we have great power to make the decision to turn towards the natural production of plant foods and products such as plant milk, cheese, pate, hot dogs, sausages, which will not cause suffering and death of animals, heart attacks, and other human diseases, pollute drinking water, forests and the whole environment and which will ensure survival on this planet for us, our children and animals," conclude Animal Friends Croatia.

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