01/04/22 Veganuary - for a good start of the year

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Animal Friends challenges everyone to an abundance of fine food, better health and change for the better

Five tips to get to know veganism as easily as possible in January

Although the holidays are slightly behind us, we still have the whole month of celebration, but also the opportunity to start 2022 healthier, more vital and more compassionate! For vegans, environmental activists and all those who want good food and positive change, the first month has another deeper meaning, and it lies in wordplay and a popular challenge - Veganuary.

Veganism has a far-reaching impact on the life of an individual, other beings, and the world in which we live. That’s why more than half a million people are thinking about a vegan diet in January! Namely, last year 500,000 interested people responded to the invitation of the world organization Veganuary to switch to veganism. This interesting program invites everyone to try veganism during January and has the great support of famous ambassadors. This year, Venus Williams, Jane Goodall and Joanna Lumley gave their support for the first time, and earlier Bryan Adams and New York Mayor Eric Adams called for a challenge. They all donated their favourite recipes for the free cookbook, which is available at www.veganuary.com.

For all those who want to try veganism in January, the Animal Friends Association invites you to the Croatian version of the challenge - Veggie challange at www.veganopolis.net and brings five great tips with which changes are easy:

1. Veganize your favourite recipes: Completely eliminating animal products is not difficult with the fact that you don’t have to give up the flavours and textures you love at all. In most stores there are many quality and fine vegan cheeses, salami, yogurt, sweets and everything you are used to, and ingredients that give texture and special taste to certain dishes (eg eggs or fish) are easily changed by plant foods. Get yourself some of those!

2. Invite family or friends to join you: Vegan food is even tastier when shared! Share your idea of the challenge with friends and family and let veganism be an opportunity for you to connect. Talk about the conditions in which animals live, ecology and health, go shopping, cook, drink coffee with plant milk and enjoy new flavors.

3. Treat yourself to the ordered vegan dish: The offer of vegan dishes in restaurants, patisseries, fast food chains and bakeries is incredibly colorful and growing! Whether you want to try a vegan burger, pizza or vegan wok, treat yourself to a break from cooking and planning for at least one day. You deserve it.

4. Read one of the books on veganism or watch a documentary: It is very likely that everything related to veganism is new to you and that you have many questions over your head - from whether it is a vegan product and one that contains traces of milk to that it is not clear to you why honey is not vegan. Read an online or printed book about veganism, stop by the Animal Friends library, or watch one of the movies on their YouTube channel. You will definitely learn a lot.

5. Connect with those who directly benefit from your positive decisions: If you cannot visit some of our animal shelters, such as the Blue Cross shelter near Zagreb or Farmica near Našice, this does not prevent you from meeting their protégés. Like their Facebook page and find out how Borna, the happiest calf in Croatia, is playing, why sheep Eva thinks she is a dog, what pigs Lajka, Luna and Bela like to eat and who donkey Miško fell in love with. Like foreign sanctuaries like Edgar's Mission or Esther the Wonder Pig.

Animal Friends will mark this month as a month of positive change. More information and tips can be found at www.veganopolis.net and www.veganuary.com.

Translated by: Đurđa Goluža

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