12/08/22 Let's ban trawlers because fish have rights too

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Animal Friends Croatia organize a performance on the occasion of International Animal Rights Day

- 10.12.2022. at 11 a.m., Ban Jelačić Square: Activists with faces painted in blue, in fish formation covered with a net

On Saturday, December 10, 2022, at 11 a.m. at Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb, Animal Friends will mark International Animal Rights Day with a picturesque performance. With blue faces, forming the shape of a fish with their bodies and covered with a fishing net, they will draw attention to the fact that all sea animals deserve consideration and compassion, as well as a life without exploitation. Clear messages for banning bottom trawls will also be visible on banners. At the same time, they will invite everyone to sign a petition to ban bottom trawls at www.zabranimo-koce.net .

International Animal Rights Day has been celebrated on December 10 since 1988. The goal of that day is to make the public aware that endangering the rights of animals concerns us all.

"Fish and other marine animals also have family and personality, needs for intimacy and security, care for their offspring and have their own meaning in life. Research shows that they successfully recognize the members of their shoal. They use a variety of techniques, possess an enviable amount of long-term memory and are social creatures that play an important role in the marine ecosystem. Neurobiologists have proved long ago that fish are also conscious beings that have the ability to feel pain and fear, just like humans, dogs, cats and other animals," Animal Friends Croatia reminds us.

Activists in the performance will convey messages about the destructive action of bottom trawls, which are still allowed in Croatia, even though they cause enormous damage to the entire marine ecosystem. Due to their indiscriminate nature, they capture all marine organisms in their path, including protected and endangered animals. The use of trawls releases carbon from the sea sediment, which affects the increase in global warming and sea acidification. These underwater bulldozers annually kill billions of sentient marine animals, leaving nothing but desolation behind.

It is a worrying fact that 2,500 billion fish are killed annually in the world, and in the last 50 years, 90 percent of large fish populations have been exterminated. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be no fish if we continue to massively trawl them. Scientists have discovered that almost 1,000 marine mammals - dolphins, whales and porpoises - die every day after being caught in fishing nets. Sharks, turtles, birds, seals, whales and non-targeted fish species are classified as bycatch and thrown into the sea where they bleed to death. The importance of fish and other marine organisms is invaluable for our survival on this planet and we are all responsible and obliged to do our part in improving the situation with marine animals.

"What happens to the fish before they end up on someone's plate is nothing short of animal cruelty. There are equally delicious vegan products, which are also healthier, more ecological and more ethical. Each of us can contribute to saving the sea and all its inhabitants and take part in creating a better world for all beings", Animal Friends Croatia point out.

They invite everyone to watch the documentary " Eating our way to extinction " on International Animal Rights Day and sign up for the Vegan challenge at www.veganopolis.net . The application form for participation in the performance can be found HERE .

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