01/25/21 A lecture that gives answers: All the benefits of plant-based proteins

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Animal Friends Croatia invites you to an interesting exhibition as part of the popular Veganuary

- January 27 at 7:30 p.m. on F page of Animal Friends Croatia: Fitness trainers and plant-based diet nutritionists will exhibit

Coronavirus has not stopped the Animal Friends Croatia Association from remaining very active, so the Association is announcing an educational free presentation on the benefits of plant-based proteins, which will be held on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, starting at 7:30 p.m. on their Facebook page. "Whatever your habits are so far, one thing is certain - this interesting lecture is definitely for you because Marko Samardžija and Ivana Martinec bring you the answers to specific questions," claim Animal Friends Croatia.

They add that the lecture, as part of the month marking the popular Veganuary, will discuss the benefits of plant-based proteins, their benefits for the human body in daily activities, the positive impact on athletes and exercisers, as well as all persons engaged in some form of physical activity and where one can all find plant-based proteins and how to combine them for the best results.

Topics related to protein and its quality are becoming increasingly popular globally, so the market of plant-based proteins is becoming increasingly prominent every day. People around the world have recognized their benefits and are noticing that everyone benefits from a balanced vegan diet - from athletes and exercisers who achieve better results to people who have decided to make concrete changes in their lives that will result in better performance of daily activities.

Marko Samardžija and Ivana Martinec run an ethical and ecological fitness brand whose goal is to simplify and bring physical activity and healthy diet closer to all people. They are daily committed to improving human health, a better attitude towards food, and the acceptance of fitness as a way of life.

The online lecture takes place during the global Veganuary campaign, for which 500.000 people signed up this month. Animal Friends Croatia invites everyone interested to challenge their acquaintances to enrich their knowledge, get new information by signing up for the Vege Challenge, the Croatian version of Veganuary, and thus begin their best adventure this year. Marko and Ivana donate 10% of their total monthly profit to Animal Friends Croatia, and by registering for the Vege Challenge at www.veganopolis.net, you get the service of free counseling and help with nutrition.

Animal Friends Croatia report that Veganuary is in full swing around the world. Many large and small manufacturers have announced new vegan products with which they want to attract everyone. Interest in vegan products has never been greater, and more than ever, investment is being made in new processes for making plant-based burgers, medallions, kebabs, sausages, cream, cheeses, meat, ice cream, milk, and other products made exclusively from plant ingredients. The future is just around the corner and January is a great month for the positive change that Veganuary has to offer. Therefore, don't wait, but use the opportunity for education and new challenges.

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