02/17/20 Survival of the fish is in our hands

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Animal Friends Croatia presents the third animated movie and warning to the alarming facts related to fishing

- Harold the fish in „Fishside story: Far from home“ points to the poor destiny of the fish population

Everyone in their life has watched at least one time an animated movie titled „Finding Nemo“; a story about a little fish who decided to prove to his father that the world is not a scary and dangerous place as he was presented by. Lead by his wish to prove his father wrong, Nemo got himself caught in the net and ends up in the aquarium with different fish that share the same destiny. Nemo's story has a happy end, which regretfully is not the case with billions of fish worldwide.

In the last animated movie „Fishside story: Far from home“, Harold, the trademark for the campaign „Respect our sea“, which came as a result of cooperation between Animal Friends Croatia and Eurogroup for the Animals; announces that by the year 2050 there will be no fish left if we continue to massively harvest and kill them. Terrifying information is that people are causing the death of 20 times more fish per year than the total number of people that have ever walked on this planet.

90% of the fish population has been extinct in the last 50 years. „These numbers are very disturbing and should be the warning to humanity as well as a wake-up call that we urgently need to change our behavior towards fish and the sea in general“ – said AFC. Greed and ruthlessness are the main reasons for destruction, utilization, extinction, exhaustion, slavery, and killing of fish and other animals which are inhabitants of the sea. Scientists have discovered that almost 1000 sea mammals – dolphins, whales, and porpoises are dying every day from being caught in fishing nets. Sharks, sea turtles, birds, seals, whales, and different sorts of fishes that were not subject to hunt are classified as collateral catch and then being thrown in the sea where they bleed out and die.

„What happens to fish before they end up on our plates is nothing but horrible cruelty to animals“, as stated by AFC and therefore they appeal: „ We ask everyone to rethink before they decide to buy fish meat. Let the message of the animated movie whose main character is a fish named Harlod, be a living reminder to all of us that five seconds to twelve has long gone and if we do not snap out of it and change our habits, in 30 years we will be left with devastating seas once rich with life that belong to the sea, and the sea only.“

The first two educative movies about the fish named Harold with the title „Breakfast at Harold's“ and „The fish of Wall Street“ are already available to the public and the goal is for them to reach as many people as possible. Animated movies demonstrate that fish are cognitive, sensitive, and social beings who feel pain, fear, joy, and excitement and they have their own purpose in life. All three films end with a beautiful message which suggests that it is best for us, animals, and the planet for the fish to remain in the sea, and vegetables to be put on the plate.

Movies from the series „Fishes tale“ are available for use and distribution.

Harold [ 629.98 Kb ]Breakfast at Jadrans' [ 756.87 Kb ]



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