08/17/22 The survival of life in the sea depends on us

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Animal Friends Croatia launched a petition to prohibit bottom trawling

David Attenborough: "Our actions significantly impact the seas and oceans."

Despite public support for the "Proposal for By-Law on Issuing of Permit for Bottom Trawl Commercial Fishing at Sea," which called for an immediate and total prohibition on bottom trawling in the Adriatic Sea, the Ministry of Agriculture decided to extend the validity of the Proposal until 1 March 2024, condemning the Adriatic Sea to continue the destruction of the seabed and the extinction of marine animals, many of which are endangered.

Animal Friends Croatia do not want to give up the Adriatic Sea and its inhabitants, so they have initiated a petition to prohibit bottom trawlers by collecting as many signatures as possible from citizens who are determined to stop this cruel and destructive fishing method that causes havoc and enormous damage.

The favorite face of documentaries, naturalist Sir David Attenborough, warns that the world's seas and oceans face the gravest threat in their history, with overfishing putting the entire ecosystem at risk: "For years we thought the seas and oceans were so vast, and its inhabitants so infinitely numerous, that nothing we would do could affect them. But now we know it was wrong. It is now understood that our actions have a significant impact on the world's seas and oceans. They are now threatened in ways that have not been seen before in human history. I believe we must protect our blue planet. It is now up to us to determine the future of humanity, and ultimately all life on Earth."

According to Animal Friends Croatia, the environmental impact of bottom trawling is concerning because large amounts of carbon are released from marine sediment, which contributes to global warming and sea acidification, both of which harm the biodiversity of sea species. The seabed and vegetation, which are already threatened by rising sea temperatures, are being destroyed. Destructive trawling nets have a daily impact on the seabed, capturing and demolishing everything in their path. All non-targeted animals, including protected and endangered marine mammals, turtles, fish, and bivalves, are thrown back into the sea, causing them great pain and suffering.

These underwater bulldozers significantly impact climate change and biodiversity and are destroying the seabed, so they should be prohibited immediately, according to animal rights activists, who warn that it is past time to save the Adriatic Sea.

Every visitor to attend the 14. ZeGeVeggie Sustainable Living Festival on September 23 and 24 will be able to sign a petition at the organizers' info booth, Animal Friends Croatia, and learn more about the necessity of prohibiting bottom trawlers.

They urge everyone to take a minute to save our only sea by visiting www.zabranimo-koce.net and signing a petition to prohibit bottom trawlers.

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