10/02/23 Annual Number of Slaughtered on Farms Exceeds 90 Billion

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World Farm Animals Day is being celebrated – every year 90.2 billion sentient beings end up in slaughterhouses

- Animal Friends Croatia points out that with the increase in death, the destruction of the planet and climate changes also increase

The latest data on land animals who are bred and killed for food reveal devastating statistics: according to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), it is estimated that an extraordinary 92.2 billion land animals are annually slaughtered. As Animal Friends Croatia state, the new statistics, that flabbergasted and shocked them, is even sadder when we know that in this horrific high number the fish and other sea animals whose death is measured in tons are not included.
„Each day even 160 million farm animals end their life in slaughterhouses from around the world.

Even the life before that last day is not much better – most spend their short lives in fear, and darkness, detained, tied and tortured, that is the reason why slaughterhouses and farms are hidden from the sight of people. Horrible is also the fact that a large number of animals bred and killed in the meat industry do not even group up before they end up in a slaughterhouse, and all this is happening because of the human habit of eating meat, milk and eggs”, says Vlatka Balaš Cerjak, Project Coordinator of Animal Friends Croatia.

Precisely for the purpose of causing public awareness of the sad reality of most exploited animals, each year 2nd of October marks Farm Animals Day. This year, Animal Friends Croatia, marking this day draws attention to all on a new number of over 90 billion conscious beings who await in fear: „Few will remain indifferent to sights that are an everyday occurrence on farms due to the fact that animals are just as conscious beings, who feel pain just as people do. The problem is not only with the extremely cruel treatment of farm animals and the horrific slaughter but also in alarming consumption of natural resources and devastation of the environment”, Balaš Cerjak warns.

She explains that mass animal breeding for food is responsible for an unbelievable 57 % of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Industries exploiting animals for human consumption use an amazing 85 % of the world's agricultural land. With continuous deforestation, animal breeding is also responsible for enormous use and drinking water pollution.
„Switching to a plant-based diet can reduce negative emissions of greenhouse gases by 49 %, use of land for food by 76 % and water use by 19 %. It is encouraging to know that each one of us can play a significant role in saving the world just by deciding to eat more plant-based food and less meat, milk and eggs. And with that can live and let others live”, says Balaš Cerjak.

The Association Animal Friends Croatia invites all that on the occasion of World Farm Animals Day they inform themselves on how they can help animals, the environment and their own health. They conclude that the world is a large factory of death and suffering and that all of it is not either necessary of required but is instead devastating for us and for the entire planet. That is why more and more people reach out for the increasing number of plant-based foods and products, that are tasty, healthier, diverse and widely available.

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