07/04/20 Suffering and death of thousands of animals in stores

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Animal Friends Croatia is calling upon chain stores to stop selling live animals

- Customers' disgust and unethical treatment of living animals is ruining companies' reputation

Animal Friends Croatia is calling once again upon chain stores to stop the practice of selling living fish, crayfish, shellfish, and other mollusks in supermarkets. They state that this unethical, inappropriate, and irresponsible treatment of animals needs to end. Besides sceneries of suffered and helpless animals thrown on the ice in order to keep them fresh as long as possible, and which are fighting to breathe for hours, sometimes even days, dying in horrible pain, are causing customers' disgust and in the end, ruin the image of a company.

„ We are talking about biggest supermarkets in Croatia which have been asked more than several times to stop selling live animals, as besides inhumanly storing conditions which only extend agony of already suffering animals, we receive complaints of bittered and distraught customers which have decided to boycott their purchase in such stores“ – as stated by Animal Friends Croatia where they believe that stores should not be places where live animals are being molested and killed.

„Let's respect our sea“ campaign lead by Animal Friends Croatia within the cooperation with European roof organization for animals welfare Eurogroup for Animals, has a goal to educate public about the problem of breading, holding, selling and harvesting fish – which are sensitive and social beings whose population in last 50 years was extincted by terrifying 90%. Although keeping living animals for human consumption is not regulated by laws of the Republic of Croatia, chain stores and supermarkets as legal entities may independently decide how to act upon, that is, whether they will keep living animals in their every day's offer or will they join the campaign „Let's respect our sea“ and make a public stand for the protection of those animals.

„Although trade with living animals has a goal exclusively to gain profit, it cannot in any way present a justification for turning stores into slaughterhouses!“ – Animal Friends Croatia is determined and they add how some supermarkets go this far and even offer to their customers an option to „catch“ their own fish at the very spot, from inadequately equipped artificial fishponds whose water is dirty, and where plenty of fish are crammed into a very small space where they develop a vulnerability to infections and injuries and where without any doubt, animal cruelty is present. Trade with living fish, transport, and breading are generating ideal conditions for the development and spread of various microorganisms, as it has been an occurrence with COVID-19 pandemics, which is also an additional reason to prohibit such practices.

By Animal Protection Act, it is forbidden to kill animals, to hurt them, or to inflict the pain, suffer and injuries, that is, to deliberately expose them to fear, as well as to limit their movement in a way that causes them pain, suffer, injuries or fear. „From our citizens' reports we see that in those cases there is no adequate law enforcement nor surveillance of how the stores operate in holding and selling live animals for human consumption, so consequently, there is no penalizing the offender“ – said Animal Friends Croatia, horrified with this morbid treatment of live animals in stores that should be prohibited.

Animal Friends Croatia is calling upon chain stores and supermarkets throughout the state to expand their business ethics and to include living fish and other animals in it, as well as – despite legal discrepancies – show that as chain stores they understand and support the necessity of animals protection, by not allowing the selling of living animals in their stores. „This way, they directly help animals, and by refusing any possibility - for now and in the future – of prisoning, torturing, or killing animals in their stores, and by accepting this practice, they will build up their rating as a company“ – said Animal Friends Croatia.

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