10/24/05 Bloody Sunday

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Animal Friends claims that poultry should not have been 'euthanized' and criticizes uneccessary and shameful slaughter

In spite of the fact that there is no registered instance of bird flue among domestic poultry in Croatia, and that there is no danger to human health, the Croatian government opted for uneccessary slaughter for more than 10,000 chicken and other poultry.

Other than killing, the prevention could be achieved by putting the suspicious areas in quarantene (which is still at force in some Croatian villages).

Instead of a quarantine, a massive slaughter was made by twisting the necks and shooting into the birds. To our great shame, this slaughter was called "euthanasia."

The disease (that is purely animal), was shown like an enormous threat to Croatia, and even if there was no real danger to human health, a panic situation was created among people who started to believe that massive slaughter of the poultry will actually save human lives. Instead of killing so many domestic poultry, people should have kept them in closed areas to prevent them from being infected.

Unfortunately, the aspect of proper education is still being ignored, and instead of taking preventive measures, government is still trying to justify the uneccessary slaughter that took place last Sunday.

The fact is that completely uneccessary slaughter of over 10,000 healthy animals in only one day will not save neither one human life, but instead, it will only increase the suffering of the already stressed animals, and it will make the use of the nature resources even more absurd.

Besides that, we must bear in our minds the real cause of the problem, which is the habit of eating meat. That habit brings us more and more diseases every day.



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