09/07/02 Cattle-Raising Fair

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Protest against raising and killing animals for food


Animal Friends continues with their actions by informing the publicity about the animal torture and for the better relation with other creatures with which we share this planet. The occasion is the Cattle Fair in Bjelovar on which the system of exploitation and torture will be exposed as something totally acceptable and normal. We are against the repeated permission for animals import from other countries for the meat and milk industry!

The action will be kept in front of the Bjelovar fair in Gudovac, in Ulica Ante Starcevica, on October 7 at 10:30 P.M.

Using and killing animals for food is not only unnecessary, but is also very harmful for the environment, human health, natural sources, world hunger, and ethical efforts.


The biggest suffer for animals is the existence of the farm industries where animals are turned into machines that are producing meat. For years they are putting up with suffering just so they could be killed in the end without remorse. Mostly they are slaughtered with extreme cruelty, in a completely industrial way without any anesthetics. But, death could be the only way out of the torture. Limited place, boredom, closed space, food full of hormones, pharmaceutics and poison, animals experience the same as people. Imagine yourself spending your life trapped in an elevator where somebody throws you every day only a piece of tasteless food.


To get pasture-grounds, millions of rainforests and woods have to be destroyed. Almost the whole Amazon rainforest is in flame and under the destruction of the trees, for the purpose of making more pastures. Polluting the ground is also one of the causes of cattle rising and industrial agriculture. Around 50% of the world water expense goes on the massive cattle raising. Every animal produces daily kilograms of feces. Multiplied with millions of animals that are in this moment trapped on the farms - the results are polluted waters. Cattle raising is responsible for 61% of methane in the Republic of Croatia. Massive animal raising causes bigger pollution than all cars and factories together, because the gas animals exhale has a much worse effect.


50% of the water expense goes on animals rising for food. 80-90% goes on the crops produced to feed animals, with only 1kg of meat produced in comparison to 200 kg of potatoes. 90% of the crops is used for the fattening of the animals.


As the meat expense of the Western countries exceed the possibilities of the same by producing crops for meat production, those countries have to turn toward the other countries (to the lands of the Third or Fourth World) for the import of their crops. That is why in those countries prevails hunger, which is the reason why over 60 millions of people die every year. Ironically, the world businessmen spend millions of dollars discussing about hunger and in the same time they eat meat which causes that very same hunger.


Meat is made of dead animals. The moment when an animal gets killed, a process of decomposing starts and continues in the human organism. As the human organism isn't made to digest meat, numerous are the consequences on the health of the consumer. Besides that, before the slaughtering animals are releasing a lot of adrenaline that ends up in the human body by consummating a dead animal corpses. Also, animals are fed with the hormones to grow faster (because of that their bones start to break and the muscles grow too fast), drugs which protect them from diseases they get from such living, and other kinds of pesticides and herbicides through the plants they eat. That's why the meat is called the deadly cocktail of pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, and adrenaline. All of that one gets for free with every meet meal one consumes, without any warning on the package or without any special warnings.

Why to eat meat, then? Isn't it a logical question? There is no reason for people to eat meat. Meat doesn't have anything that is useful for the human body or what vegetarian food doesn't have. To eat meat just because of the luxury is slightly insane because it is common knowledge that it causes pain and suffering to the animals, that it devastates the environment, causes hunger, consumes resources, and, in the end, causes diseases and poor health to consumers.

To forbid someone to eat meat would be the same as to forbid smoking, if smoking would cause death to animals, devastation of the environment, and world hunger in the quantity which the meat industry causes it.



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