07/18/03 Lettuce Lady

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Sexy Lettuce Lady® visits from U.S. to give free vegetarian food to lunchtime and dinnertime crowd

PETA Pin-Up Hopes to Plant Seeds of Healthy Eating in Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia - Wearing nothing but strategically placed lettuce leaves and holding a poster that reads, "Go Vegetarian," People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA) sexy blonde Lettuce Lady® and her bevy of local leafy lovelies from Animal Friends will pass out free samples of delicious, healthy vegan fare to Zagreb's, Karlovac's, Krk's, Rijeka's and Opatija's and Varazdin's hungry lunchtime and dinnertime crowd, marking the Lettuce Ladies'® first-ever trip to Croatia.

Lisa Franzetta's and Animal Friends' demo tour:

PETA's Lettuce Ladies® travel all over the world, using a lighthearted approach to convey the very serious message that meat-eating habits claim the lives of millions of animals every year and cause immense animal suffering. People who eat animals suffer as well: Life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and several types of cancer have been linked to eating animal flesh, dairy products, and eggs. And meat and dairy production are among the most environmentally destructive industries in the world, consuming vast amounts of land and water and causing irreversible damage to streams, lakes, and rivers.

"Going vegetarian is good for your health, good for the animals, and good for the Earth," says PETA Lettuce Lady® Lisa Franzetta. "There are so many delicious vegetarian dishes-we're here to show that eating this way is good for your taste buds, too!"

PETA's Lettuce Ladies® have previously shown up in cities around the world, from Bombay to Boston, from Moscow to Miami, and from Berlin to Barcelona, as well as hosting all-vegetarian parties for U.S. legislators in Washington, D.C.

Broadcast-quality video footage of animals' being killed in the meat industry will be available on site. For more information, please see PETA's Web site LettuceLadies.com and www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr.




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